Artist Statement

I’ve always been an artist but my creativity was focused on business. When I started painting I found a satisfaction I’d been chasing. I obeyed my spontaneous urges and it came out as abstract contemporary art. What began as a process of free expression quickly turned into an all consuming passion – new doors and worlds opened. I decided to close my business to follow bliss.

It wasn’t long before I began working on large pieces and people were buying them. The art changes the mood in the environment in which it hangs, ignites a fire in the person who chose it or brings a lightheartedness to a place in need of it. It invigorates me when my art is able to inspire happiness and ignite conversations.

Bold colors, layers of colors, figures and circular swirls are ever present at this moment in time. I love seeing something inside the piece that wants to come out and embellishing it and bringing it to life. It’s the only way I can explain it. I’ve never been one to be confined to one style so my art varies from time to time with my mood and what’s presently happening for me. This excites me and “accidental” surprises appear regularly.

Rather than a typical art studio, mine is simply outside in the beautiful California weather, light and nature. Experimentation means everything to me so I mix and incorporate different techniques, materials and ideas. Depending on how the spirit moves me I will use acrylics or pastel oil crayons on paper or canvas.

I continue to express more aspects of myself in my art. Sharing a feel good experience that alters your mood fulfills me. If you love the style but want it in another color just call and we can do it. Please stop by again because you’ll always find something new as the inspiration continues to pour through me.

Love and Light, Alyse