What began as a process of free expression quickly turned into an all consuming passion.

  • Mother Nature Watching

    Mother Nature Watching

    The painting I received from you, Alyse is very potent, imaginative and original. It’s a big WOW actually. I love waking up to my ancestral spirits who keep an eye out for me – day or night. Thank you so much! -Dr. Tess, Los Angeles, CA

  • Wild Heart

    Wild Heart

    I am so impressed with the amount of light and happiness one of Alyse’s pieces has brought to our office. It brightens our day, every time we see it. Keep up the good work’re definitely on the right path! -T.Gray, Woodland Hills, CA

  • Rainbow Angel

    Rainbow Angel

    “The first time I saw the Rainbow Angel, I told Alyse, “I want that.” I live in a small space, but knew she would be the centerpoint of my living area. Every morning she is the first ‘being’ I see and every night she bids me sweet dreams. Alyse was so easy to work with and even helped me hang the painting. Everyone who comes into my space loves the Rainbow Angel! She brings happiness and serenity to my world. She has since been joined by two more of Alyse’s pieces, and I doubt that I’m finished. I am going to have to get a bigger space! L.Bernhart, Studio City, CA